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Questions addressed and discussed during the
October 2009 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "Can you give Software recommendations for sending bulk emails or newsletters?"

2. "I'm looking out for experienced & trusted curating agencies to represent my artwork in the U.S. and Europe. How should I identify and approach them? Protocols for approach in India are different than elsewhere."

3. "How can I get someone important to take notice of my internet radio show, to give me the break to get my show to the next right level?"

4. "As a junior attorney that has worked primarily in the music business, what is the best or most effective way to transition into a film/tv business and legal affairs role?"

5. "I wanna be a do I go about doing that?"

6. "Does a songwriter not living in Nashville stand a chance to be taken seriously?"

7. "I'm a New Age Hip Hop artist from Sri Lanka. Whatís the best strategy for artists to find an international music producer to work with?"

8. "Since we are in the age of Social Entrepreneurs who are some of the publishers/ agents/ companies who are most interested in this topic."

Additional resources for these questions:

Artistís EDGE Membership
Constant Contact

If your question didn't get answered tonight, please resubmit it for next month's call!

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