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Questions addressed and discussed during the
November 2012 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "In your opinion, what does the ideal ”day in the life” of an emerging singer/songwriter look like? (Time Management)"

2. "What are your thoughts on using Weebly to create your own free website?"

3. "I now have a lot of good original contemporary instrumental music that people really love. How do I turn it into income? (Music Marketing)"

4. "How do I find out for certain who my market niche are and how to communicate with them?"

5. "What would be your advice to a rock band from Montreal who just produced an EP in terms of next steps to go forward? (Music Marketing)"

6. "Where do you find a good website format?"

7. "Why does it seem like there’s so much red tape when trying to get my songs played on radio? (Music Promotion)"

Additional resources for these questions:

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Websites and the Artist Entrepreneur
Niche Marketing – How Thinking Small Can Payoff BIG!
Time Management from the Inside Out

Artists Marketing & Business Academy Classes:
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Business Management for the Creative Mind
Niche Marketing – How Thinking Small can Payoff BIG!
Creating Your Niche – A Conversation with Nancy Moran
Website Maximizer: Is your website selling you? – Jeri Goldstein, Special Guest Lecturer
WordPress Websites for Musicians – An Interview with Middle Tennessee Music
WordPress Website Essentials with Jesse Petersen
Time Management 101
Time Management Bookends – A Framework for Success
Project Management – The Key to Getting Stuff DONE!
How to Use Feedback and Criticism Constructively

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