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Questions addressed and discussed during the
November 2011 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "Sometimes life issues come up that require our time and energy. What are some ways to address these issues but still stay connected to our creative goals and intentions? (Time Management)"

2. "I am currently rebooking my new project into venues I played and booked with the project I just left. Can I just say that I have changed the name of the act, or do I need to go into a description of the difference in the new act, and risk putting doubt in the booking agent’s mind? (Booking)"

3. "One of my goals in 2012 is to move out of the restaurant/bar circuit, and to play more gigs where I am only doing my own material. Any ideas on how I can get word out in the community that I am interested in benefit gigs as well as opening act slots etc.? (Booking"

4. "If I am creating a ”squeeze page” to invite folks into my music with a free offer, do you recommend that page to have a separate domain name than my website? Could it be a blind page on my other website, with a different domain name? (Website Design, Building your email List)"

5. "Can a blog replace a website, be a part of a website, and how to most effectively use it–interactive or no? (Website Design)"

6. "What has made the most important difference in your building your business?"

7. "What are your thoughts, for a person who has cut demos to get a recording contract. (Music Business)"

8. "As a Producer/Arranger/Studio Owner how do I both build business relationships with the local area musicians, and keep them coming back to my studio? (Music Business, Promotion)"

9. "Can you explain how you should approach someone at a networking event that is head of selecting music for commercials? (Music Marketing)"

10. "What can I do to attract songwriters to cowrite material? I have attempts for years and I have had no results in finding someone to work with. (Music Collaboration)"

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