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Questions addressed and discussed during the
November 2009 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "How to not get caught in non-essential items like emails and postponing essential tasks; and how to get to the bottom of WHY I sabotage myself when it comes to time management. And how to keep my vision while Im doing non-visionary tasks?"

2. "How can I shift my attitude when I first wake up in the morning to deal with the feelings of overwhelm and worry?'"

3. "What strategies should I use to make contacts with session fixers in the music industry?"

4. "Where do I start with the music technology research?"

5. "How do I find funding, and/or business (or gov''t) support for the creation of a local commercial music-based AM-radio station to help consolidate a local music scene?"

6. "How do I get movement in getting interviews for my job seearch?"

7. "How do I get the world to notice my new short film?"

8. "What is the best avenue to take to find a sponsor or get it in front of a broadcasters audience with a new an animation series?"

9. "How do I make a million dollars as an independent artist, recording at home?"

10. "What is the most important way for a freelancer to move forward in this economy? Is it crazy to invest time and money in projects that are high-risk at this time?"

11. "How do I get back to my art, having not done it in 16 years? How will I put bread on the table creating art?"

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