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Questions addressed and discussed during the
May 2009 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "It seems to book shows I need an agent and to get an agent, I need to have shows booked how do I get out of that catch-22?"

2. "Several of my peers are experiencing success and I am feeling jealous. How do I move through this?"

3. "Whats the best way to start my new career in illustration? Whats the best market to start in?"

4. "If I wanted to start a consulting career what would I do about health-care coverage? What is the best option for independent consultants?"

5. "If I decided to get an agent to help promote my hard rock band, would you be able to suggest any leads that would fit in my low budget for this project?"

6. "The best moments in my career have felt like I was ''firing on all cylinders'', focused, energized and unstoppable. During down times, my energy, desire & focus seem to go into hiding. How do I easily re-access that well of energy?"

7. "What professional field can I go into with a felony conviction?"

8. "How do I get started with my Graphic Design career?"

9. "I want to become a professional inspirational speaker but am feeling stuck. How can I deal with my fear or my stuckness?"

10. "How do I stay focused and productive with detractors & society (are you too old to be doing this?), as well as negative - sometimes self-induced - conditions coming at me."

11. "How do I market my music and myself more successfully on the internet?"

12. "While dealing with major health issues how do I pursue my dreams of a big career in music?"

13. "Im starting to play solo and add guitar, but I completely freeze when Im playing in front of an audience. How do I gain confidence in front of an audience with a guitar in my hand?"

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