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Questions addressed and discussed during the
March 2012 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "What do you recommend in the situation where friends and/or family are draining energy? (Boundaries)"

2. "How do I pay writers their fair share when selling their songs on the web or otherwise ? (Music Internet Sales)"

3. "My record company offers little by way of financial support for new acts, what I seek is not fame/fortune- merely a sustainable career playing music. Seeking angels, VC's, etc.. to help get off the ground. Any advice/suggestions? (Music Business Success)"

4. "How does an artist deal with professionally jealousy?"

5. "How can we remain a person of integrity,ethical, polite and sincere as well as being ambitious without having elbows that are too sharp?"

6. "How can we sidestep people in the biz who maybe trying to hold our careers back?"

7. "We would like to start getting attention from our local media outlets, those designed around entertainment. Should we be sending a press release for all public shows or stay selective to the club shows? (Music Gig Promotion)"

8. "What do you think of play for pay websites like Jango? Are they a worthwhile marketing expense for indie artists? (Music Marketing Internet)"

9. "Do you have any tips on setting up a five year strategy, breaking it down, scheduling it, meeting the right people to work with and add to your team? (Vision and Planning)"

10. "How would an indie music artist set up a monthly paid subscription service and what types of things should they offer? (Music Fan Membership)"

Additional resources for these questions:

Music, Money and Success, by Todd and Jeff Brabec
Sound Exchange
The Artist’s Way – How to Recover Your Creativity, by Julia Cameron
Ariel Publicity and Cyper PR
WishList Member

Artists Marketing & Business Academy Classes:
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Niche Marketing – How Thinking Small Can Payoff Big
Social Media – An Interview With Ariel Hyatt, CyberPR
5-Year Plan: Got Goals? Get a Plan
Create and Maintain Your Team

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