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Questions addressed and discussed during the
March 2011 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "Is there a way to setup only a Facebook fan page and not also a personal profile?"

2. "Could you give us your view on the differences, purposes, and content of Blogs vs. Newsletters?"

3. "What software do you use for pre-loading your tweets? And What vendor(s) do you recommend for setting up a web subscription that: 1. processes enrollment online & takes payment, 2. automatically sends digital product monthly, 3. automatically debits visa or other subscriber accounts?"

4. "How do I get the email addresses of the people that I am following on twitter?"

5. "I am a songwriter but I have not set myself concrete goals to achieve these dreams. What kind of goals would you recommend that I set?"

6. "I produce & direct TV and many jobs now want me to know editing, photoshop, even HTML."

7. "Where does one find time to write and record with a 60-hour work week and a relatively new family/marriage?"

8. "Still trying to define and refine what my niche is, how do I choose for my first solo record, I like to write in many styles?"

9. "I have a niche market – How do I connect, make myself known, and sell my CDs?"

10. "We perform 3 kinds of music and our diversity helps us make it financially. But diversity is also our stumbling block while trying to gain recognition in each genre. Can we do it all and make it to the next level?"

11. "How can I market and sell my art work effectively, so I can paint full time?"

12. "I’m good at playing and performing, however, I feel overwhelmed by the business aspect of it. Can you help me?"

13. "Other artists are successful. I do the same type of promotions they do, I’ve read book after book, why can’t I make any money?"

Additional resources for these questions:

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