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Questions addressed and discussed during the
March 2010 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "I'm MAD (in a good way) about fingerstyle guitar and British/Irish revival-style folk singing, and I crave immersion in a music community. Can you suggest where I can find this community in the Bay Area? "

2. "How does one deal with the information overload era that we independent musicians have to operate in trying to do it all ourselves? "

3. "How can I reassure myself that my vision will happen? That at the end of the day Im not just daydreaming?"

4. "I need release forms from musicians who play on my recordings for licensing. Where would I find copies of simple forms to be used? "

5. "How can I be productive and forward about beginning my career, when the next step necessitates spending money which I do not have?"

6. "How do I manage the incoming information overload specifically email?"

7. "How do I manage the incoming twitter overload?"

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