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Questions addressed and discussed during the
March 2009 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "For people with creative passions which pull them in multiple directions is it advisable to pursue both at the same time?"

2. "I have noted that a lot of your teaching and advice is aimed at performing artists. What if one is more a producing/studio artist and not performing live as such?"

3. "I have been told that my voice is too similar to Elton John. My question is why is this primarily a negative issue?"

4. "Can you discuss systems that work when you are sometimes home and sometimes traveling? Both time and project management."

5. "On a previous online marketing teleclass, you mentioned you were researching a site in India. Did you find someone? If so, did it work for you?"

6. "What efficient organizing systems do successful performers use to plan, record and track marketing efforts."

7. "How can I create (or tap into) an arts community around me - which will be joyful - supportive - encouraging - lovingly critical - and inspiring ?"

8. "I want to make cards to market my DVD and I wonder what to place on them. "

9. "How would I go about getting discovered as a stand up comedian, Caribbean actor & voice over artist for films and TV."

10. "What is the best way to get a critical mass of station music directors and deejays to listen to my record?"

11. "I am having such a challange getting gigs in my area, where is an honest booking agent?"

12. "So, how does one manage the 'up and down' psychology of a creative life - to see this through?"

13. "How do I find a good person to manage me? And what role can I expect them to play in developing my career? "

Additional resources for these questions:

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If your question didn't get answered tonight, please resubmit it for next month's call!

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