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Questions addressed and discussed during the
June 2013 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "A well known music blogger wrote ”If you”re not doing it for yourself, you”re not gonna enjoy it.” Does this conflict with the concept of consciously tailoring your creations for salability to your audience? (Music Industry)"

2. "Can you give me some tips to apply for an internship in the music industry?"

3. "How do you hire a salesperson for inside and outside sales?"

4. "When you feel burnt out but you are in the middle of a music recording project, how can you approach that situation as an independent musicpreneur?"

5. "I’m an indie singer/songwriter, on my quest to develop as an industry-leading artist and was given the tip to enroll in Berklee College of Music ( Their key point was not the course itself, but the Network that the Berklee student is exposed to – can I achieve similar connections/exposure? Simply put, is Berkelee that the authentic MUST-DO experience?"

6. "Does playing 2 different genres of music dilute my branding? (Music Marketing)"

7. "What”s the best way to build and maintain an engaged fan base from scratch? (Music Marketing)"

Additional resources for these questions:

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Artists Marketing & Business Academy Classes:
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