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Questions addressed and discussed during the
June 2009 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "How do I attract more clients and find more revenue streams from my music? "

2. "How do I attract new business in my career of choice when I have spent years building contacts in my day job (which is not my career of choice)?"

3. "I seem to be getting more positive response from West Coast venues lately and have been considering the idea of relocating; do you think that the relocation is a sound idea?"

4. "How do I think less and do more?"

5. "My son's band voted me momager. I have NO idea what to do next to help these boys. What's next?"

6. "I'm a successful musician in my country. Could you tell me how to get on the roster of an international booking agent? "

7. "I want to embark in a career in music, but I don't seem to find the opportunity to do so and have enough money to do it. What should I do?"

8. "As a sound engineer, I set up with a partner doing filmography, but it has been an incredibly difficult relationship. I got depressed and work flow has dropped off dramatically and I feel completely trapped. How does one get back on track or come up with the next step."

9. "I am looking to go back into employment within the media and entertainment field where I worked before being a freelance business consultant. Any ideas? "

10. "How can I make a living off of my music when I don't have the schedule or finances to tour or do grassroots promotion? The group I'm with is pretty burned out as have been playing for 8 years now and have not "made it""

11. "Iím stuck with an admin resume and want to be in a position with more leadership and management. I met a tech director from Hitachi willing to help me. I am definitely a creative soul, but more in entertainment, art, visuals, etc. Is this some sort of sign for me to learn the ropes of being a higher-up, by sucking it up and going into a completely unknown field? Or is this too out of my box?"

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