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Questions addressed and discussed during the
July 2010 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "I have 4 diferent email fanlists: local, state, USA & world. Should I compile that to one list & send out my updates no matter where I'm playing, and should I do that on a Reverbnation account rather than my Hotmail?"

2. "The time and effort to do live shows versus the payback seems to no longer make sense. Would it be a valid strategy to stop performing live, and focus on selling and giving away videos through as many online portals as possible?"

3. "What's the best way to get a job at Pixar (or other organization or corporate entity)?"

4. "How do I market my music and myself more successfully on the internet?"

5. "How do I stay focused and productive with detractors & society (are you too old to be doing this?), as well as negative - sometimes self-induced - conditions coming at me."

6. "I am feeling stuck. How can I deal with my fear or my stuckness?"

7. "If I decided to get an agent to help promote my hard rock band, can you suggest any leads that would fit in my low budget?"

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