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Questions addressed and discussed during the
July 2009 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "How do I balance rehearsing with my very new band and my own continuing practice schedule needs? (Adding an additional time commitment into an already full schedule)."

2. "How can I raise money for the recording of a new and compelling CD? What can I offer investors? How do I structure the proposal and payback to them?"

3. "Are you an Alex Mandosian clone?"

4. "How do I use my project management skills to my best advantage when planning a musical endeavor like putting together and marketing a successful tribute band?"

5. "I have created a live entertainment concept (4 years in the making). All the comments have been "we believe in this concept. This is a winner!". However, it has question what? "

6. "How could I get an internship into the music industry, being an Italian alien? "

7. "I am not taking decisive action and don't know why. What is my block?"

8. "What can I do to stay focused on marketing and selling my artwork?"

Additional resources for these questions:

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Blue Ocean Strategy
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Artists Marketing & Business Academy Classes:
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If your question didn't get answered tonight, please resubmit it for next month's call!

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