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Questions addressed and discussed during the
January 2011 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "When making my 5 year goals is it even appropriate to have goals that have components that are outside of my total control? "

2. "How can I do a five year plan if I haven’t got my niche pinned down yet? "

3. "We will be changing our band name - what is the best way to go about this transition, maximizing all of the exposure and traffic that our original name has garnered?"

4. "What’s a good pitch for me to give to an overseas label about pushing my finished product? "

5. "Do you have any advice for dealing with this monthly glitch that happens around my period?"

6. "How can I find a good mentor to work with and how can I approach the very famous and successful to ask for their mentorship?"

7. "What has been your experience with the ''I'm too old to be successful'' thing and do you have any suggestions that may help to shift this belief?"

8. "I have a song that I believe would be perfectly suited for placement on a specific television show but how do I get it to the people involved with music programming? "

9. "How do I organize my time, life, finances and paperwork to be an effective artist? "

10. "OK. We've got the band, gigs, small following and a demo recording that we’re really proud if... What now?"

11. "How do I expand my Fan base following on the internet for marketing and promoting my music to sell? "

12. "What are your thoughts on bands signing with ad agencies, rather than labels? "

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