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Questions addressed and discussed during the
February 2011 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "This is my challenge - I work 40-50 hours a week on music, 40-50 hrs a week at the full time job. The rest of the hours go to my personal life."

2. "How do you keep your credit score climbing after becoming self-employed and leaving that paltry but steady corporate paycheck?"

3. "How I can get my own career off the ground on my own without the financial resources of a record contract?"

4. "How do you recommend clarifying my niche to reach non-English potential fans? "

5. "What's the best way to create the financial aspect of my 5-Year Plan?"

6. "I'm working on multiple big projects and it's overwhelming. How do I to identify and prioritize projects and what's the difference between a project and an objective?"

7. "When my schedule fluctuates wildly every week how can I keep any consistency to get things done on a week to week basis?"

8. "How do I work out what my niche is?"

9. "How do I balance building my list and marketing my music and writing and creating the songs?"

10. "How do I manage my recording studio business and writing and singing my songs?"

11. "Re: visual art licensing - How difficult is it to track sales and know what your customers are doing with the artwork you have licensed to them?"

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