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Questions addressed and discussed during the
February 2010 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "How do I get in touch with someone I've met at a conference? If they don't return your call, should you assume they are not interested? Keep trying? Wait until you see them at another conference? Or just move on?"

2. "I'm a musician. I'm in a serious relationship that I'd like to turn into a marriage some day and although she wouldn't admit it to me, my girlfriend wonders if I should look into a backup plan. I don't feel the need to. And so my question is; WHAT DO I TELL HER AND IS IT RIGHT TO FEEL THE WAY I DO?"

3. "I am a photographer and not quite sure how to market. I am on all the social networking sites."

4. "What kind of mindset should a small business owner like me have in ''becoming a star'' but not give off the impression of being fame hungry?"

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