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Questions addressed and discussed during the
December 2011 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "How can I create more focus in my business life? (Time Management)"

2. "I have created a Film Budget Template and I'm trying to sell it as a means to get funds for my first film production. Any suggestions? (Marketing/Sales)"

3. "How to gain more film industry exposer to book roles in major studio films? (Promotion for Actors)"

4. "I am trying to boost my bands Facebook likes, what tips can you give to boost the amont of likes on my page? (Social Media Promotion for Music)"

5. "I am trying to become familiar with being a manager and then switching gears to have fun and be creative while people are working for me. (Managing your Team)"

6. "I'm starting called a custom songwriting service. How do I best structure the licensing and royalties for this service and what legal elements do I need to consider with this endeavor? (Music Licensing)"

7. "As an indie-artist with SO MANY Internet-opportunities available these days, what is the most efficient way to sort thru them all. (Internet Marketing for Music)"

8. "I've got several successful projects, specializing in all girl tribute bands, how do you suggest managing my time? (Time Management for Musicians)"

9. "Can a lawyer be as much a benefit as a manager, or better for handling the licensing side of my music? (Promote Your Music)"

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TAXI Forum
Music Money and Success by Todd and Jeff Brabec

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