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Questions addressed and discussed during the
August 2009 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "What's the best way to get maximum promotional bang for my time, marketing myself and my music through Social Media and the internet?"

2. "Is it a "mistake" to sign with too many libraries or should I just focus on one or two. Can you recommend any web sites where one can also find detailed information and answers to this sort of thing?"

3. "I've been laid off/out of work - how do I find jobs as a graphic artist or designer?"

4. "How do I find a Quality songwriting or musical partner to co-create with?"

5. "What are my options for changing careers and finding a new "home", and how do I take the steps to make this happen?"

6. "How does one be productive, effectively use time?"

7. "Can I be successful in writing a book?"

8. "How can you get in the door when you do not fall into a casting "category"?"

9. "What's the best way to start an entertainment industry career?"

10. "How do I find TV Production work in Chicago - do I have to move?"

11. "How does a rural visual artist, who is just starting out, find venues to show my art?"

Additional resources for these questions:

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One Page Business Plan
Time Management From the Inside Out
Ariel Hyatt
TAXI Forum
Niche Marketing YouTube recording
Patrick Schwerdtfeger
Ann Evanston - Warrior-Preneur

Artists Marketing & Business Academy Classes:
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Interview with Ariel Hyatt
Interview w/Patrick Schwerdtfeger
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If your question didn't get answered tonight, please resubmit it for next month's call!

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