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Questions addressed and discussed during the
April 2013 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "I would like to work directly with music supervisors to place a small group of new music on cable TV shows. How do I get in contact with the right people? (Music Marketing)"

2. "How do i go about starting a fan base for my music from scratch? (Music Marketing)"

3. "What are the best ways to build an audience for my music? (Music Marketing)"

4. "How to stand out and secure repeat business in a niche that seems quite saturated? (Niche Marketing)"

5. "How do I believe in the value I provide with my art? How do I decide between committing and focusing on creating, marketing, selling art full time, or enjoying it as a hobby? (Belief in Success, Art Business)"

6. "When collaborating on writing music, I’ve noticed that a 50/50 split of any revenue is common practice. does that also include a 50 percent of the copyright of my songs? or just the royalties? (Music Business)"

7. "Got no money. Disabled, can”t work… Upgrade equipment, be fit enough to sing…How to overcome existential meaningless of existence and write a pop song?"

8. "What do you use for automating tweets? (Social Media Marketing)"

9. "How do I use Twitter to learn about people in my niche? (Social Media Marketing)"

Additional resources for these questions:

Multiple Streams of Music Income Self-Study Program
Constant Contact – Email Marketing
aWeber – email marketing at it’s best!
Music Business Success in 9 Weeks by Ariel Hyatt
How to be Your Own Booking Agent by Jeri Goldstein
The Music Business Registry: Film & Television Music Guide
Ann Evanston
Music, Money and Success: The Insider’s Guide to Making Money in the Music Industry by Jeffrey Brabec and Todd Brabec
Social Oomph

Artists Marketing & Business Academy Classes:
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Transitioning to Full-time With Your Art/Music Business
Twitter for Artists – An Interview with Carla Hall
How to Build Your List with Elizabeth Edwards
Music Licensing with Sarah Gavigan
Copyright and Trademark Basics with Jeff Fabian
Multiple Streams of Art/Music Income
Niche Marketing – How Thinking Small can Payoff BIG!
Social Media – The Art of Engagement
How to Get Started on Twitter
Internet Marketing and Social Media –Waste of Time or Key to Success in the New Music Business?

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