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Questions addressed and discussed during the
April 2011 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "How do you generate all your tweets/posts?"

2. "Do I need a bar code to sell my sheet music at stores?"

3. "I got a fantastic producer to make my film, but I have been procrastinating. How can I overcome my fear and pattern and deliver this script so that I can make my movie?"

4. "How do I gather a group of talented people to collaborate with me?"

5. "I have a successful music teaching/coaching business but want to move closer to my partner. How can I make a leap and yet not lose everything I've built?"

6. "What direction would you advise the artist to go in starting out in the industry?"

7. "I'm in a 6 piece band, how do we get noticed by the big recording companies?"

8. "How can I find the right promoter for my singing career?"

Additional resources for these questions:

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If your question didn't get answered tonight, please resubmit it for next month's call!

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