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Questions addressed and discussed during the
April 2009 Ask Coach Debra Teleclinic

1. "How does one know if the internal voice is right (is coming from my true self) or just a negative ''tormentor'' (the critic)?"

2. "What are the best ways, best tools and tactics in expanding your email newsletter list?"

3. "How do I effectively manage my time? "

4. "How can I increase my audition to booking ratio?"

5. "Am I good enough to make it big?"

6. "Can a 58 yr old ex musician and record producer get back in the digital recording business? How do you finance it?"

7. "How do I find 5 great hairdressers to work in my beautiful, cozy salon?"

8. "Are there places you would recommend to go as an intern in Music Business in Northern California?"

9. "I feel I lack direction, and am having trouble defining my ''passion''. Often it takes very little for me to lose momentum or get overwhelmed or discouraged and give up. Any advice?"

10. "I totally stink at booking myself. Are there any agents who work with people like me? Perhaps someone with a ''stable'' of many artists, with a great reputation, who can be called upon by venues, colleges, and festivals when they want a specific kind of performer? Are there other ways to make the booking process easier? "

11. "What is the best way to promote my talents?"

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